Welcome to the website of Max Eastern,
author of the modern noir novel The Gods Who Walk Among Us, winner of the Kindle Scout competition. His debut mystery is set in New York City. It can be ordered now. To follow him on Twitter, go here. To enjoy his photos on Instagram, go here.

The Gods Who Walk Among Us by Max Eastern

“I found a great new to me author in Max Eastern. I love how he brought his characters to life and made the situations in this novel seem as though they were happening in front of me.”–Terrie Farley Moran, national bestselling author of the Read Em and Eat Em mysteries.

“Max Eastern’s debut is witty, clever, and superbly executed, and I could not get enough of Adam Azoulay, the down on his luck failing lawyer turned paparazzi. If you want a fun ride and read, look no further than The Gods Who Walk Among Us.” — Robert K. Lewis, author of Critical Damage, finalist for 2015 Shamus Award.

————————————————————————————————————————-When failed lawyer-turned-paparazzi Adam Azouley takes a beating on East 57th Street because he tried to get video of an African warlord and his actress girlfriend on a private 2 A.M. jewelry shopping spree, it plunges him into a world he knows precious little about: the elite international-relief nonprofits. One such group, financed by an aimless young billionaire, hires Adam the very next day to track down reclusive human rights luminary Victor Charles Colfax, who’d surfaced in the video of the warlord’s entourage, to tell Colfax the group plans to bestow on him an award. Owing back rent on his 10th Avenue hovel and loathing his life, Adam jumps at the suspiciously large fee and agrees to find a man with no email, phone, address, or digital footprint.

Adam soon discovers not only that the elusive Colfax has an ugly past but also that this world is one of rivalries, hypocrisy and even murder. His search for Colfax becomes entangled with a father’s desperate quest to find a son gone missing during an anthropology dig in Israel. A dead body found in the son’s Brooklyn apartment turns up the heat on Adam’s quest. The more he learns, the darker the revelations about those who would stop at nothing to win global plaudits, whether it’s ambitious human rights careerists or celebrities who need to punch their caring-for-the-poor card.

When Adam gets too close to Colfax, a painful chapter from his lawyer past turns into an extortion tactic. As the secrets of the archaeological dig threaten to explode into a world crisis, Adam is attacked by those who’ve been following his every move while his career threatens to bottom out to new depths. And a deeply cynical man, betrayed by those he trusted and with little left to lose, must choose between saving his skin and doing the right thing.

If you want to contact Max, email him at maxeastern7@gmail.com